Russian Women Guide

What are Russian Women Like?

Russian women are gorgeous, kind, and they appreciate the family. They are able to charm and drive crazy absolutely any man. There are many qualities in Slavic women that attract man all over the world. They say that Russian women are utterly unique. Among the main attributes of Russian women, foreigners distinguish the following.

What are Russian girls like

Good culinary skills

Daily trips to cafes and restaurants are clearly not a Russian tradition. For many years it is considered a shame in Russia if a girl does not know how to cook. Therefore, mothers teach their daughters to the art of cooking since childhood. Most girls know how to cook tasty dishes. Foreigners are merely convinced that all girls in Russia cook very tasty, and they are amazed if this is not so.


In Russia, girls try to marry and give birth to a child under 30 years old. Foreigners are wondering why even young 35-year-old girls think that it is too late for them to get an education and give birth. There is quite a distorted idea of ​​age in Russia.


Only a small percentage of Russian women do not want to have children. It may seem to foreigners that a Russian girl does not consider herself successful if she does not have a child. Often this is the way it is. Many women believe that the most important thing is to get married and give birth.

Attractive appearance

The beauty of Slavic women is known to the whole world. When foreigners come to the big city, they are just shocked by so many girls who walk around the streets smartly dressed, with neat hair and makeup. Women from other countries are more relaxed about their appearance.

They can easily do without cosmetics, and also do not like to dress up a lot. Russian is not only very well-groomed but also distinguished by beauty at the genetic level. They have big eyes, soft features, as well as grace and elegance. Russian women are considered the most feminine.


In Russia, the girls are very romantic. For them, the concepts of family and love still have great value. Russian girls still want romantic deeds and declarations of love. Foreign women, on the other hand, consider all this to be just excess and relic of the past.

what are older Russian women like

Slow speech

Most European and Oriental languages ​​have a high speed of pronunciation. Therefore, it seems to many foreigners that Slav women speak rather slowly. In addition, they note that the girls have a pleasant and melodious voice. It seems to foreigners that the speech of Russian girls is hypnotic. They can pronounce a long text slowly and monotonously.

Natural charm

Foreigners claim that Russian girls are distinguished by high intelligence and natural beauty. This makes them excellent companions, so foreigners are happy to take their Russian wives for banquets.

Submission to man

Many foreigners dream of a Russian wife. There is a kind of stereotype, according to which a Russian girl submits to her husband in everything. She quickly does all the housework, takes care of the children and at the same time listens to her spouse.

Despite the fact that this is far from the case, there is still a tradition for women in Russia to hold on to a man. Therefore, quite often Russian wives choose the position of submission to the spouse for themselves.

What are older Russian women like

The ability to provide a man

Residents of Eastern countries often expect that the woman will provide them. In some cases, this is precisely what happens. Russian women quite often become the leading getters in the family, managing to manage the household and do well without help.


Foreigners have a stereotype that Russian women readily available. Unfortunately, there are some valid reasons for this. Russian older women just do not have enough romance and attention from men, so they go abroad in search of love.

Strength of mind

Foreigners are trying for centuries to unravel the mysterious Russian soul. The optimism, strength and perseverance of Russian women fascinate many people abroad who panic from any trifle. Often foreign husbands learn from their Russian wives to be stronger, calmer, and more optimistic. These ladies are able to support their spouses in any situation.


The sexuality of Russian women is manifested in such things as turning the head, smile, gentle look, and gestures. They have no equal in this art. Coquetry is in their blood.

what are Russian girls like

The desire to move living abroad

Many Russian women want to move to live abroad. The most accessible and most affordable way for them to do this is just to get married. Especially useful if a girl gets married for love. However, many foreigners have heard that the Russians are ready to do anything to go abroad. That is why men worry that they are not interested in a potential bride, but simply have a desire to move.


In many Western countries, a smile is a mandatory culture. In Russia, it is used only with sincere sympathy. That is why the majority of Russian women seem to foreigners rather gloomy and sullen.


A warm welcome from the Russians is not just a stereotype but a reality. Arriving on a visit to a Russian girl, a foreigner can almost always be sure that he will be fed, placed at home, will get a tour of the city, and also will get maximum time and attention.


If in Russia a man from school age plans to build a business, then he is not too willing to spend time studying. Russian girls, on the contrary, strive to get a good education and to realize themselves in their chosen profession. In domestic institutions of higher learning, knowledge is relatively universal so that a Russian woman can impress a foreigner with her education, experience in various fields and a broad outlook.

Foreigners admire Russian girls. It is not surprising that many of them want to have a Russian wife. Girls in Russia surprise and amaze with their beauty, tenderness, care and intelligence. They can be beautiful, faithful wives.

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