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Russian Mail Order Bride: What Is The Price of Love In 2023?

❤️ Success rate87%
Average divorce rate 13%
What’s the average age of Russian girls?25-30 y.o
Popular Russian cities with bridesMoscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk
Best Russian dating,
❓ Is it legal?Yes, of course

According to the statistics, thousands of men are looking for their soul mate online nowadays, and the happiest of them are those who once decided to register on a dating site and start chatting with Russian mail order brides. But how to choose a partner who would share with you all the joys of a happy relationship? You just need to listen to your heart and also read this guide. Here I am, a dating expert, talking about Russian mail order brides – the most popular girls for men from America, Western Europe, Australia, etc.

First, let’s figure out who Russian mail order brides are. Perhaps you might think that these are girls that you can buy or rent? But that’s not the case at all. To find relationships, many men use online platforms such as international dating sites. There they can meet Russian women and communicate with them. Russian women, who are also single join similar online dating sites to find Western men. We can call them mail order brides. When you open a good dating site, you can immediately see a catalog of Russian brides who are in search for a serious relationship.

Why dating Russian mail order brides is the first key to a happy relationship? Where to find the perfect girl and how to start the dating process? I will tell you everything and even more about this later in the article.

Reveal the Reasons for the Great Popularity of Russian Brides on Dating Sites

Men from all over the world rate Russian females as the best choice for relationships and marriage. These girls are a symbol of beauty, love and tenderness. Why it is worth to find a Russian bride for creating a family? Top features of mail order brides from Russia??. What you need to know about girls from Russia?

? Russian brides always look amazing

Well-groomed hair and flawless skin, neat makeup and stylish clothes – Russian women are used to looking perfect in any circumstances and do not spare money for beauty salons. This phenomenon of Russian bride fascinates and attracts foreigners: all over the world, young women strive to acquire the features of a Slavic appearance, and the procedures popular in Russian beauty workshops instantly fall into the price lists of foreign colleagues and become trendy.

Here are some statistics about the appearance of Russian women.

? Typical features of Russian girlsSlavic appearance, fair skin
?? Average height at age 20165
?Average body mass at 20 y.o55 kg
?‍♀️ Hair colorBlond, light blond, less often dark blond or brunette
Eye colorBlue, less often – brown
? Facial featuresRound eyes, thick eyebrows, a small nose, and plump lips

Russian girls are self-confident

Russian brides are very self-confident. Eastern European women greatly exaggerate their qualities and their capabilities. This applies to appearance, and abilities, and skills. Oddly enough, I consider this feature an advantage of Russian mail order bride. Indeed, thanks to self-confidence and, to a certain extent, arrogance, along with determination, girls from Eastern Europe can move mountains.

They are educated

All men like girls with whom they can talk on various topics. You will never be bored with a Russian woman, and you will not think about what topic to talk to her about. After all, these ladies are well-read, and put self-development, personal growth and education in the first place. Mail order Russian brides are interesting interlocutors, it is interesting to spend time and leisure with them.

Russian mail order brides know how to build a happy relationship

Russian ladies do not compete with the men in the family. According to Russian dating culture
“marrying” for gorgeous Russian brides means “to stand behind their husband”, to be his half in sorrow and in joy. If a man takes on the role of the head of the family and justifies it, then a Russian woman will easily give leadership to her chosen one. Russian bride herself, being multifaceted, is realized in children or household chores. Warmth, sincerity, understanding, support, loyalty – these are the main components of the soul of Russian women.

They are caring

Yes, men are looking for gentle, understanding and caring foreign women. Western standards call for modern girls from European countries to live life to the fullest, build a career, fly planes and fight the raging ocean. Unlike feminist-minded Austrians and freedom-loving French women, Russian brides already know from kindergarten that in the future they will have children, the comfort of a home and a husband, and this should be a priority.

Why are Russian Women Looking for Western Men?

During dating with Russian beauties, many men are interested in the question: “Why do Slavic girls want to build relationships with foreigners?”. The information below will help you figure it out.

  1. The first is that, according to statistics, the number of men in Russia is less than the number of Russian women. Therefore, in fact, all the girls simply do not have enough Russian suitors. So, an alternative for them is to look for a partner abroad.
  2. Russian mail order wives are attracted by the equality of men and women in other countries. They believe that they deserve a better, more loyal attitude of men towards them. Indeed, in Russia, men often dominate women, do not respect them. Most of the leading positions in the career are occupied by men.
  3. Russian brides want to be able to do more with the house and the kids. Men in more developed countries can provide a Russian mail bride with the opportunity to deal exclusively with household chores and children.
  4. Foreign men treat Russian mail order wife better. Russian girls want to find love with a foreigner, because they like the way these men care, respect, protect girls. Russian men are often abusers, unfaithful, unreliable and careless.

To make sure of the good intentions of Russian girls who are looking for foreign men, I conducted an interview with Alina, one of the Russian mail order brides, who is looking for her love on a dating site, one of the mail order bride services. Here is a little piece of our chat.

Ernest: Alina, want to ask you why did you decide to register on a dating site?

Alina: I had a relationship with a Russian guy that made me disillusioned with the men in my country. Then I thought why not try to find a foreign partner. My colleague, for example, is now married to a French man and they are happy. I chose the site on the recommendation of a friend.

Where to Look for a Russian Mail Order Bride? 2 Options to Know

So, if you go directly to the dating process, you need to know how best to do it. Foreign men prefer to meet Russian brides by online and offline dating. What is the best way and how much will it cost? Find out below.

❤️ ✈️ Offline dating foreign brides

Dating Russian women in real life is the most popular and standard way of dating, but is it really that simple? If live communication is a priority for you, you need to go to the country where millions of Russian mail order wives live – Russia, Georgia or Kazakhstan. The most popular cities with single Russian girls are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg. You can organize the trip to the Russian mail order bride yourself, or you can contact the international marriage agencies. They will provide you with a bridal catalog, arrange flights and transfers, and book a hotel for you. How much does it cost? This will cost you about $4000 – $5000. But, again, I do not guarantee that such dating is a 100% success way for finding a foreign bride.

❤️ Online via Russian dating site

But still, millions of men chose meeting Russian brides online through dating websites, it is at the peak of popularity now. You can start searching for Russian mail order wife today, even without leaving your home. Top mail order bride sites such as offer many opportunities for single men and women. I know many happy stories of men who found their love and get their mail order marriages with Russian wives via international online dating.

Best Sites For Dating Russian Woman: 100% Success For Finding Love

Based on my extensive experience in the field of international dating, I want to recommend you the TOP three proven legitimate Russian bride sites that have helped millions of single men to find love.

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Russian Bride Cost: Offline ? Online

All two dating methods that I described above are effective in finding Russian girl. But which one is more convinient and better? What about mail order bride cost?

Dating in real life

This method of searching Russian mail order bride requires time, effort, and high Russian mail bride cost, because you will have to pay for the services of a bride agency, or you can book tickets, transfers, a hotel room on your own, as well as pay for food, entertainment, dates.

  • Unforgettable experience
  • Travel to another country
  • Dating Russian bride live
  • You will be convinced that you are talking to real people
  • There will be no surprises like: expectation – reality

Online dating experience

As for me, this option of searching for relationships with Russian woman does not lose anything in the search for love in real life.

  • The opportunity to find Russian bride without leaving home
  • Large selection of girls online
  • You can get to know a girl before meeting
  • No embarrassment when talking to girls
  • The ability to communicate with partners 24/7
  • Low Russian brides cost

To search for Russian mail order bride online, you just need to decide on the site, choose which mail order bride sites suits you best and register there. Good dating sites offer paid subscriptions and services (SMS chats, dating via video with Russian wife, audio calls, gifts, etc.) to make dating more effective. You should keep in mind that online dating also requires financial investments, without which you will not be able to achieve good results. Online platforms do everything for every single man or woman to find their soul mate.

Online dating allows you to choose the ideal darling among thousands of worthy girls, let’s see how much it will cost you on average.

K 1 Visa and Why is it Important?

You need to know about K 1 visa if you want to build relationships and get married with Russian mail order bride in your country. So, if you have found a suitable Russian lady , you are in love and want to marry her, you will offer her to move to your country. But this process is not so easy and you need to make an effort for it. If you want to buy a mail order bride, you will need to secure a K 1 visa for the girl. This is necessary so that your Russian wife has the legal right and opportunity to live in your country for a month, and within 3 months you must register an official marriage.

Usually, this time is enough for the Russian lady to get used to your country and become your wife. The only difficulty that may come your way is the process of collecting documents, but you can hire the services of an expert to help you with this. Believe me, it is worth happy love and official family life.

Top Russian Mail Order Brides Profiles

How to Win a Russian Girl? Top 5 Expert Tips

To meet a Russian bride and build relationships with her, you do not need to be a pro in the field of dating and flirting, just use my advices. I asked a lot of real Russian brides and Ukrainian mail order brides about what they value most in men. What qualities are considered the most attractive? And this is what they answered me ??.

❣️ Caring. Any Russian wife appreciates this quality. For the fair sex, this means that a man will be a wonderful husband and father. If you want to buy Russian wife, then show that you care about how your Russian girl lives and feels. If you communicate by correspondence, try to be interested in her life.

❣️ Unobtrusiveness. Too much attention on your part will surely tire the Russian women for marriage, and make her want to break free and run away. Give her a couple of days of rest, let her write first and say that she misses her. If in response you see ignorance, you should think about its seriousness.

❣️ Ability to communicate. Read books, various articles, watch educational programs. Improve in different directions to support any topic of conversation. Learn to tell stories in an interesting way, and make amazing compliments, which Russian women especially love.

❣️ Generosity. Looking on Russian culture, these girls do not like stingy men, this is obvious. Pay bills in cafes and restaurants, give gifts and flowers. If there is not much money, save up before starting courtship. After all, the first months are the most romantic and bright, do not make your beloved feel worse than other girls.

❣️ Seriousness. Your actions and words should be such that the woman understands that you can be considered as a potential partner. If you can’t keep a promise, explain why and reschedule it.

I asked Alina, that finding relationship on Russian bride websites, what she is looking for in a potential husband. I already mentioned her above and showed a screen from our correspondence. Look what she answered me on this question.

Ernest: I want to ask what qualities, in your opinion, should your partner have?

Alina: I choose a man for three main qualities: purposefulness, responsibility, generosity. This is important for me, I would like my man to be a reliable partner with a big soul.

Romantic Love Stories that Started via Online Dating Services

Alisa and Sebastian

“I was 27 years old, I was single, and I really wanted to find a girl with whom I would like to share my life. Once on Instagram, I read a happy story of my friends who met through the one of the Russian dating sites – I immediately decided to try to register on the site and fill out a questionnaire. After a while, I completely forgot about it. After all, then I was actively building my career as an engineer in Toronto and I did not have time for online correspondence.

In the summer, in 2021, I was at a party with those same friends who met through a dating service, we celebrated their anniversary and recalled the history of their acquaintance. At that moment, fate itself told me to go in and check the SMS on my account. Seeing a text message from Alisa, I immediately became interested in her, as I was impressed by her profile. We started talking, we are now in a relationship at a distance, Alisa is moving in with me next month. I’m happy.

Mariya and Michael

In the summer of 2020, I happened to go on a business trip to Russia, I worked as a logistics manager and this was the reason for the trip. Then I did not think that this trip would become a key moment in my life. After staying there for a month, I realized that I want to connect my life with a Russian girl. They are amazing and just insanely charming girls. Back home in London, I started looking for a suitable Russian dating site. After reading hundreds of reviews, my choice was I am very grateful to this dating service that gave me the opportunity to meet my love.

Mariya responded to my first SMS, I decided to start getting to know her. Our communication began from the first minutes. At that moment I realized that she was my destiny. After communicating with her online for six months, I invited her to visit me. Now we live together and plan to marry.

How to Avoid Scam on Russian Dating Platforms? Safety Instruction

Now millions of users are registered on the online dating websites, and all of them allegedly seek to find relationships and love, but there are also those whose goal is scams. Even best dating sites can’t guarantee full protection against fraudsters. To avoid scams, consider these rules for using Russian brides legal platforms.

Do not share your personal information. If, when registering or filling out a questionnaire on a dating site, you are asked to provide your exact contact details (geolocation, phone number, passport details, bank card details), never do this. This is most likely a scam site and you should not use it. Also don’t say this to Russian mail order brides who are interested in personal information about you. Instead of a nice lady on the avatar, a scammer can sit on the other side.

Don’t send money to “single Russian brides”. Another popular feature of scammers on dating sites is a request to send money. If Russian brides ask you for money allegedly for medicine, tickets for a trip to your place or for laptop repair in order to communicate with you – know that this is a scam.

Make sure the girl is real. Some scammers under the name of Russian ladies can communicate with you and use your photos, audio, video or some kind of confidential data for their own purposes. Infrequently, they do this in order to blackmail or represent various threats in the future. Therefore, I recommend calling up the potential Russian women for marriage with whom you communicate via video chat. Then you won’t have a question like “Are these Russian mail brides real?”

These are the most basic rules of behavior on Russian mail order sites, of course, no one can predict in advance for what purpose and who actually communicates with you on the other side of the screen. But in any case, if you feel something strange, just block the user.

Expert’s Opinion

Slavic women are amazing beauties with incredible character. They are kind, smart, intelligent, caring girls with whom every man will find his happiness. I talked with many girls from Russia, and I was delighted by communicating with each of them. Based on my experience, I recommend Russian ladies for marriage. I hope my dating guide is helpful to you. I wish you find the one that you will love and be loved with her!


What percentage of mail-order brides stay married?
Many Russian beauties are looking for a serious relationship on matchmaking sites in order to get married. This is a very popular marriage strategy for Russian girls and foreign men. Almost 80% of such marriages are successful.
What dating app do Russian girls use?
As mentioned in the article, there are three top Russian dating services –, . All of them have high ratings and connect the hearts of millions of single men and women.
Can you still get a Russian mail-order bride?
Yes, of course, any man who wants to have a relationship with a Russian bride can easily do it online. Choose the dating platform you like, register and start chatting. All this exactly will lead to a happy marriage.
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