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Do Russian Girls Like Flowers?

Nothing else but flowers are the best gifts for a Russian woman. They are able to make a Russian woman amazed. The male half naturally knows that. Unfortunately, such gifts are often made to ladies only on special occasions, but on ordinary days. Perhaps, if a man understands why it is pleasant for a Russian girl to receive a bouquet of flowers as recognition, he will try to present them more often than before.

Do Russian women like flowers

The benefit or harm?

Some men think that there is no sense in the flowers because the bouquet will not last long and he will need to spend quite a lot of money. Therefore, this category of men is accustomed to giving preference to more substantial gifts, which can also bring joy to the lady. What does the beautiful half think about this? Most likely, in the understanding of women, flowers do not look useless.

Romance, and only

It is clear that male and female types of thinking are different from each other. And a Russian girl is more sensitive and more romantic by nature. It is the cause of the woman’s need to receive fresh flowers as a gift. Being refined in nature, a woman perceives flowers as a declaration of love, as confirmation of affection and devotion. Flowers are an excellent way to express your feeling to a Russian girl.

They are charming in appearance, and they have attractive smells. The girls begin to feel more confident and more beautiful when they get the flowers. It is especially important to be desired for Russian women. Moreover, if there was a quarrel between the lovers, the bouquet may slightly correct the situation (of course, some flowers are not enough for reconciliation).

What does a bouquet mean?

If a man is dear to a girl, then a girl will take flowers as something enjoyable. Most likely, such a gift will be stored in memory. And, if in the future there will be any misunderstandings, the girl only needs to remember the beautiful moment, and good relations come back to the couple. It is especially helpful when a man remembers which flowers the lady prefers, which bouquet will be pleasant to receive.

Do Russian girls like flowers

Perhaps some young people believe that presenting a bouquet means running for the show. But what’s wrong with that? The girl will also receive a beautiful gift and status among the society around her. Think about how a woman will feel if you present her a bouquet in a public place. Most likely, it will raise her self-esteem. Yes, and the man will look very different.

Decorating the house

In addition to these points, the flowers just can serve as a beautiful decoration of the home. The Russian girl who received the flowers will look at them for a long time. They will undoubtedly cheer her up every day. Do not exclude bouquets from the list of possible gifts to your beloved. Flowers have a special magic, and they can make a romantic touch in a relationship. Therefore, give flowers to your sweetheart as often as possible!

The history of women’s love for the flowers

It turns out that the meaning of flowers is not limited to a banal interpretation of the color scheme and composition of the bouquet. Everything is much deeper, and the love of flowers in Russian women has originated millions of years ago. In those days, the primitive Russian community lived according to the harsh laws of total patriarchy. The primary earner was a man, and he was harvesting crops and all those items that could be considered material values ​​at that time.

Women, children, and old people had the status of “second-class” people, and they were fortunate if they were able to intercept something from the prey of men. In those times, men were not too respectful towards the weakest. In winter, all attempts to find food or catch a small animal for dinner were unsuccessful, and this could continue for weeks. Millions of years ago, the climate on the entire surface of the globe was warmer than today, and the diversity of the plant world would surprise us even considering the possibilities of modern graphics.

With the advent of spring, primitive people experienced a completely different life because, besides heat, spring also brought many edible plants. Men gathered flowers and carried them to the women of the tribe. After this symbolic presentation of flowers, Russian women could no longer be afraid to become someone’s dinner and bravely left the dugout.

Do Russian women wear flowers in their hair?

The Russian girl should be gorgeous at the wedding ceremony. White dress embodies innocence and beauty. And the flowers, gently woven into her hair, can help her to add the image of tenderness and grace. At first glance, it may seem challenging to stack with them. But they know some secrets about how to do it correctly.

Fresh flowers for wedding hairstyles

Fresh flowers in the styling is a new Russian trend that has already gained popularity. Almost all the stylists first of all offer to insert flowers into the Russian bride’s hair, making it irresistible, as well as give a special charm. In order for the image to look harmonious, they need to carefully select a variety based on the color of the dress, its style, and the characteristics of the girl. Flowers are among the most beautiful creations of nature.

Their delicate beauty is not able to leave indifferent even the severe female nature. Flowers are considered to be a universal gift because they are appropriate for any event or situation. Nevertheless, the appearance of the bouquet should correspond to them, since it is unlikely that anyone will be pleased to shock the Russian lady with the wrong choice. Flowers can improve mood, cause sympathy for the one who presents this amazing miracle of nature, to melt even the “icy” woman’s heart.

With flowers, the day becomes brighter, emotions become more positive, and the world is kinder and more pleasant. Russian women are esthetics. Therefore, everything beautiful and bright is attractive and incredibly pleasant for them.

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