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Some people call it magic. Some say it is a nightmare. But we call it serious relationships. Even though there are so many novels and movies devoted to relationships, it is hard to draw up its definition. Serious relationship term is even more nebulous. Go for a social poll with a desire to figure out what are serious relationships, and you hear lots of nonsense.

We believe, it is impossible to find the clear term of “serious relationships” thing, as this is wholly internal. At the end of a day, actions, but not words being that indicators of serious relationship commitment. 

Let us share with you 3 common signs a partner wants a serious relationship with you.

3 Signs a Partner Wants Serious Relationships

3 Signs a Partner Wants Serious Relationships

They don’t afraid to show you off

Are you going to a fancy popular restaurant this Saturday night with your date? Then it is time for you to realize things stop being casual. The same thing with photos of you two on social media, meeting with friends/colleagues/relatives. These are top signs a partner wants to integrate you in his/her life, and not afraid to introduce you to their closest.

They “fit you in”

You know those excuses when a date doesn’t fancy to see you shortly. Something like “I have a lot of work” or “My cousin comes to visit me this weekend” etc. In a serious relationship situation, you will hear something like “Can I bring a laptop to your place to have some work done so we could spend the rest of the weekend together?”.

You become part of their plan 

Do you have conversations about vacation, estate preferences, parenting, retirement with your date? Well, now you are in a serious relationship, that’s for sure. When you shift your top topics to discuss from “What I’d do to you in bed” to “Would you like to travel to Europe next spring with me?” – that is it.

Don’t be scared of the fun stage ending. There are lots of fun stuff and sleepless nights to come. It is a part of a grown life to take responsibility for your actions. And there is nothing wrong with finding compromises if it makes you and your loved one happy. Now you know your partner wants to blend you in his/her life, and you need to figure out if you too being on the same page. 

7 Signs to Know You are Ready for Serious Relationships

7 Signs to Know You are Ready for Serious Relationships

You don’t answer when the EX calls

No matter how much time you say “We are just friends” – you can’t call someone “buddy” if he/she saw you naked. Leave your past in the past. Otherwise, you risk hurting your date and messing everything up. Of course, things seem more difficult if you have kids, which implies the need to communicate anyway. Be honest with your partner and let him/her become a part of your family. Treat your beloved with respect, to feel the pure joy of serious relationships.

You are ready to talk

Communication is the key to peaceful and caring relationships. Unfortunately, modern people find it difficult to reveal their thoughts, desires, and concerns. Some need a shoot or two of tequila to activate the superpower of telling the truth. Others find their fortunre on dating sites or apps. Remember, it won’t work without communication. You don’t have to argue but discuss matters of particularly pressing concern in order to find solutions that make you both understood and satisfied.  

Your partner doesn’t annoy you 

If you hate the way he/she eats, snores like a dying bear, or leaves socks all over your place, it is time to think if this is the right person for you or not. You can share your thoughts on it – ask to make a commitment and try to put socks in a drawer. Still, the acceptance of someone’s imperfections is part of serious relationships. If all those little moments trigger you, it might be a person but not the actions.  

You are on the same wavelength

It is hard to imagine a person that wants children, being in serious relationships with a one who doesn’t. We all want to achieve lots of goals in our lives, and it is so much easier to commit when you have a like-minded person by your side. Love is not only about passion and fun. If you are dating a person that you share not only your bed but dreams – it can become something real.

You don’t try to change the partner

We all have that pattern of a “perfect date” in mind and try to find a partner that fits that model subconsciously. However, feelings are tricky. The fact you hold Monica Bellucci a vision of beauty doesn’t mean you won’t fall in love with someone, who looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. Still, if you really have a thing for a person you adore the way he or she looks, walks, eats, smells, etc. Anyway, if you accept the imperfection of your partner – you are in trouble. 

You are ready to give

A serious relationship is hard work that requires a tremendous desire to make someone happy. In healthy relationships, this commitment is mutual. Making breakfast in bed, listening to moaning about a long and difficult day at work, and being good in general remains one of the powerful signs you are with the right person. 

You feel right

Speaking of the right person. It is not always about people, their appearance, status, or any other factor but something a gut feeling that you have when dating someone. If you feel safe, calm, and thrilled with your partner, then it is time for you to stop considering other options and apply all your effort to make this work. 

We know, it is hard to fit meetings and dates in the life of a person that spends most of the time building a career. The best part of a busy modern lifestyle is its digitalization. You can meet your soulmate via mobile device being on your way to work. Online dating sites for serious relationships are the solution for those who have no time for a pilates session and have a microwave dinner after a long day at work. Such websites as VictoriyaClub, Bride-Forever, Jump4Love are chock-full of people seeking true love, just like you. 

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