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10 Romantic Ideas for a Date with a Russian Girl

Slavic soul is very mysterious, so to conquer the beauty of Russia is rather difficult. Standard dating is no surprise nowadays, and to compete for the heart of the chosen one, you need to approach to the organization of a romantic evening in a creative way. We have prepared for you an article “10 romantic ideas for a date with a Russian girl”, in which we are going to tell you how to organize your meeting so that it will be remembered for a long time.

TOP 10 best ideas for a romantic date

Any girl is keen on all kinds of romantic things, especially this rule relates to Russian beauties. Slavic women are very impressionable and still believe in prince charmings on white horses, hence if you want to win her heart –just become a man of her dreams. A typical evening in a café is too banal. We will tell you how to arrange a date of her dreams:

  • A picnic in the nature. It can be a river bank or a remote place in the park. As snacks you’d better prepare light sandwiches or fruit. Find out in advance her attitude to alcohol, and if she is categorically against alcohol, bring with you her favorite fresh juice. How to be more romantic on such a date? Decorate the place of the picnic with paper lanterns or order a beautiful tent. It is not going to be hard as many agencies rent a various decor. As an additional surprise, you can arrange a professional photo shoot, and then continue your picnic at the sunset. Your chosen one will have only the best memories after such a date.
  • Horseback riding. That’s another great idea for nature and animal lovers. You can approach the event even more creatively by coming to the appointed meeting place on a beautiful horse with a bunch of flowers. Such romantic gestures will definitely win her heart. In addition, the communication with these intelligent animals is absolutely uplifting. If your girl completely does not know how to sit in the saddle, then you need to take care of her and cheer up, while an experienced instructor is helping her to ride a horse.

romantic date ideas with russian girls

  • A beach. This is a wonderful place to spend a great time. You will have to bring a blanket, a couple of plaids, and a basket with a light snack. Offer her to watch the sunrise if the weather allows. Nothing brings you closer than a night spent tete-a-tete under the sky full of stars. If you play the guitar, don’t forget to bring an instrument and devote a couple of songs to her, in case you do not have an ear for music, just learn a couple of beautiful poems or write them yourself.
  • A festival or an outdoor event. Romantic ideas shouldn’t be limited only by spending time together in a private place. Being very active, Russian girls enjoy visiting public places. You should find out if there are any fairs or festivals of street food in the city at the moment. Invite her to spend some joyful and quality time together. Be sure to buy her a small souvenir.
  • Visit the amusement park. This kind of date is suitable for a young girl who loves extreme entertainments. Various slides, a ferris wheel and carousels will definitely help to lighten up her mood. During the most terrifying moments, you must hold her hand tightly or hug her shoulders to demonstrate your care for her. Buy cotton candy or ice cream to feel the taste of childhood one more time.
  • Go to a karaoke bar. A restaurant or a night club is too much of the cliché, so to avoid this negative impression, you shouldn’t invite her to such places. But great karaoke would hit two birds with one stone: you will sing your favorite songs in a duet and taste delicious cuisine. However, it is necessary to ask in advance whether your girl likes to sing, otherwise you risk spending the evening not as planned. Do not forget to bring a bouquet or a single long-stemmed rose. As a surprise, the waiter can deliver flowers alongside with your order.

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  • Attending a dance evening. Sign up for a master class in samba or another lively dance, and if your chosen one is a really romantic person, then a waltz will suit. This event is a great fun, and will help you to get closer to each other even more. Russian girls love to dance, so it is possible that after the lesson she will show you a couple more moves in a nightclub.
  • Active classes. If you are a sporty couple then grab your rollers or bikes and go outside. All necessary equipment can be rented. But if your girl has no idea how to ride, then you have a great chance to teach her by carefully holding the waist.
  • Cooking dinner. If you decide to arrange a romantic night, then invite her a bit earlier to help you in preparing delicious dishes. But previously serve the table, create a pleasant atmosphere and turn on the music for relaxation. Nothing brings together more closely as sharing cooking, because during the process you are able to flirt with each other and learn the tastes of the partner better.
  • Play games. It can be a video game console with two joysticks or a set of board games. Don’t forget to prepare light snacks so that your girl won’t remain hungry, and during a meal any conversation becomes several times more pleasant. If your relationship is already quite close, you can come up with some intimate fun, such as charades for undressing and etc. Entertainment scenarios 18+ can be looked up on the Internet so the game won’t be a chaotic one. In this case, a bottle of good wine or chilled champagne is clearly a good idea.

How to organize a romantic date?

If you want to plan a romantic date of her dreams, it should be thoroughly organized in advance. It is desirable to prepare your chosen one to the theme of the date beforehand, or at least hint at a surprise, so she could pick up appropriate clothes. It is unlikely that she feels comfortable to sit in the saddle wearing a short dress. Russian girls spend a lot of time on their appearance, for this reason she may be upset that the outfit and makeup do not match the event.

how to be more romantic with russian girl

Romantic presents will surely win her heart. It is not necessary to make expensive surprises, you can give flowers, even if they are field, or bring her a small soft toy. Hand-made gifts are really appreciated, so do not be lazy and make a cute trifle for her. It can also be a song or a poem composed by you. Such creative impulses will absolutely please her.

Never be late for a date. But if you are detained by some business, be sure to call and try to make amends. During your meeting, turn off your smartphone and devote time only to her. Russian girls deeply appreciate care and attention, that’s why business conversations at dinner may be regarded as disrespect to her person.

You must have a plan “B”. If you were going to make a date in the open air, and the weather suddenly went bad, do not cancel the meeting, just invite her to a cozy café or arrange a romantic dinner at home. Plan in advance a few different situations, then you won’t blush in front of your lady.

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